Oil feild supply

Qatartec provides logistics support, skilled personnel and services to foreign and local companies engaged in the exploration and development of oil and gas resources in the qatar and overseas. 

Qatartec  has diversified its business by extending its services to different sectors like power and energy, petrochemical, telecommunications, mining, construction and engineering and other related industries.

The success of is the result of combined effort and skills of its people. The team's "can-do" attitude and flexibility has been enhanced by our determination and dedication to serve Qatartec 's clients the best way possible.

Qatartec is a diversified Oilfield supply company providing a complete range of equipments, parts, accessories and services for Oil and Gas related projects. We provide professional and dedicated services to Oil and Gas industry in the UAE, Middle East region and Gulf, Central Asia and Africa.

Qatartec is a well-resourced company, striving for excellence and total customer satisfaction. We directly serve the end-users by offering our exceptional supply and service.

Established in Qatar since 1971 as a service company providing technical procurement support to oil companies, their subsidiaries and affiliates, Qatartec is one of the oldest and most experienced oilfield supply companies in Qatar offering a total package service.

Since 1978, the company is export-directed with more clients in the Middle East, North Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Using an integrated quality assurance management system, the company provides its clients with the latest advancements in supply chain management. By implementing an open system, a high degree of flexibility is achieved. Qatartec considers its clients and suppliers as partners and follows a policy of long-term relationships.