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Doha, State of Qatar

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Abu Hamour,Doha -Qatar
P O Box No.45019



The Management of QATAR TEC W.L.L is committed to comply to provide our valued customers with a service of high Quality as per the expectation of our clients.

To ensure compliance, we shall;

  • The Policy is to maitain practical but comprehensive quality system based on its stated commitment to customer satisfaction and continues improvement.
  • We will continously review our systems to improve our products, service and processes using clearly defined methodologies and making data based decision.
  • We are working to build a company that is regarded by its customer as one they are proud to work with, that communicates with them, listens and responds appropriately.
  • In the event that one of our customer has problem with our products or actions, we will react immediatly and decisively to overcome it.
  • Whenever possible we will do what we have agreed to do and will keep our customers informed Of progress.

We Strive to be the preffered supplier for our products and services in our chosen field. We aim to comply with the requirements of our ISO certification and continuously improve the effectiveness of the quality management system.

The management of QATAR TEC W.L.L is commited to comply with OHSAS 18001:2007 Health & Safety Management System, ensuring all work activities are carried out safely , with all possible measures taken to remove/reduce risks to the health safety and welfare of workers, sub-contractors, authorized visitors, and anyone else who may be affected by our operations.



To ensure compliance, we shall;

  • Provide safe working enviroment plant , tools and substances in safe condition to the employees and sub-contractors.
  • Ensure information, instuction, taining and supervision is provided to every level that is necessery to ensure each worker is safe from injury and risk to health and safety in the workplace.
  • Provide adequate facilities for the welfare of workers both at work place and off - site.
  • Conduct awareness among workers that each one is responsible for ensuring their own personal health and safety (such as following safe work procedures, wearing personal protective equipment etc.) in the workpalace.
  • Continually improve our systems and procedures and look for areas in which we can improve our performance through effective safety management.

This policy applies to all business operations and functions including those situations where workers are required to work off-site.